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U – Undergraduate      G – Graduate


AQIS (Association for Queer International Students) is Penn’s only student group catering to the needs of queer students from global backgrounds. AQIS provides mentorship, plans social events, and promotes discussion about international queer issues. U,G


FGLIQ_PENN_crop.jpg The purpose of FGLIQ is to provide space for first-generation, low-income, queer undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. This group will foster connections, and potential networking events, with the goal of creating community and further apprising students and alumni of opportunities, other various communities, and resources that are available. We hope this group can create space for folks to express their stories and experiences, as well as career goals and create connections. U,G



J-BAGEL (Jewish Bisexuals, Gays, and Lesbians) is a safe space and social support group for Jewish LGBTQ+ undergrad and grad students and their allies. Funded by Hillel of Greater Philadelphia, J-Bagel has members from Penn and other colleges throughout the Philadelphia area. U,G



Lambda Alliance is the coalition dedicated to the promotion and representation of LGBTQ+ interests for Penn undergraduates. By facilitating communication, collaboration, and efficiency among its constituent groups, the wider student and Philadelphia communities, and the University administration, the Lambda Alliance seeks to overcome the barriers facing the LGBTQ+ student community of today.  U



Lambda Grads is the umbrella LGBTQ+ organization for graduate and professional students at Penn. They organize a wide range of professional, academic, and community-building programming throughout the year in order to bring about greater awareness to LGBTQ+ issues and interests. G


LambdaLaw Lambda Law is open to students, faculty, and staff of the Law School. Lambda Law meets regularly for social events and political activities. They work to represent LGBTQ+ concerns in academia and in the wider community.  G


Lambda Vets

LambdaVets is a PennVet-VOICE affiliated student group that aims to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the veterinary field’s sexual and gender minority members. From clients to colleagues, they strive to provide a forum for information exchange and social interaction with the goal of fostering a professional climate in which our members can achieve their full potential.  G


Penn Med Pride is Penn Med’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer student and student allies organization. This group is committed to increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ people at Penn Med; educating the Penn Med community about LGBTQ+ health best practices; promoting LGBTQ+ health related community outreach; providing opportunities for professional development; and cultivating our vibrant community of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff and allies at Penn Med.  G


LTBGS_Logo.png LGBTQIA Students in Biomedical Graduate Studies ( LTBGS+) seeks to foster the formation of an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ graduate students in the Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) program. They strive to provide access to seminars from LGBTQ+ biomedical profes-sionals who will discuss their experiences as LGBTQ+ individuals in scientific careers. They also hope to sponsor seminars based around LGBTQ+ health issues (such as transgender health, HIV/AIDs education, and PrEP) from professionals with experience in working in these areas. G


Penn Dental Pride Alliance’s mission is to unify and support LGBTQ+ dental students, faculty, administration, staff, and their supporters. Their goal is to achieve this through school-wide diversity and inclusion efforts, consistent educational programming, and entertaining events that enrich our community.  G


Penn_SNUGS_resize.jpg Penn SNUGS (Student Nurses Understanding Gender and Sexuality) is Penn Nursing’s student organization aimed at both increasing quality LGBTQ+ patient care and awareness, as well as promoting a supportive community for LGBTQ+ identified nursing students. U,G



oSTEM at Penn is a chapter of Out in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, the national student society dedicated to increasing participation of people who identify with LGBTQ+  communities in disciplines related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). U,G



Out For Business is Wharton’s LGBTQ+ club for MBA and PhD students, faculty, and staff. Out4Biz aims to create an open and inclusive community that fosters the development and success of LGBTQ+ people and LGBTQ+ allies in business.



OutEd is the Graduate School of Education’s LGBTQ+ and ally student group offering support to queer Grad Ed students as well as providing educational opportunities for the school regarding queer and trans issues. G


Penn_aces_resize.jpg PennAces is a student organization that promotes awareness, education and safety for the asexual community in Philadelphia. Asexuality (not experiencing sexual attraction) is an orientation that is not given enough attention in our society, though 1% of the population openly identifies as asexual. U,G



PATH (Penn’s Athletes & Allies Tackling Homophobia) addresses the mutual concerns of Penn’s LGBTQ+ and athletic communities. PATH also provides resources for those in the athletic community who wish to come out, and for heterosexual athletes and coaches to receive accurate information about LGBTQ+ issues. U,G



Penn Non-Cis is a student-run organization that serves trans students and others in the Penn Community. Non-Cis is short for Non-Cisgender, which is a term that we use to encompass transgender, gender non-conforming, and questioning people. U,G



Penn Q&A (Penn Queer and Asian) is dedicated to providing a safe space for both support and empowerment of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Asian community at Penn. You don’t have to be queer or Asian to join if you’re interested in addressing issues of the queer Asian community.  U,G


q-ine_resize.jpg Q-INE (pronounced queen) is Penn’s LGBTQ+ interest magazine. We aim to showcase writing, art, photography and much more giving Penn’s queer community an outlet for ex- pression and a platform for interests and concerns. We accept submissions from the entire Penn LGBTQ+ community. U, G


Queer Christian Fellowship (QCF) is a supportive, welcoming Christian community for individuals who want to explore the intersection between faith, sexuality, and gender. We seek to provide support, fellowship, a space for discussion, and resources for our members at Penn, and the community at large while establishing connections with groups of similar interests. U, G


Queer_Design_Logo_resize.jpg QueerDesign hopes to build a community of LGBTQ+ designers to create a space of exchange and judgement free collaboration. Aiming to foster discussions about the meaning of diversity, and its intersection with design at Penn and beyond, QueerDesign hopes to connect to existing networks of students and professionals. G


QMAP (Queer Muslims and Allies at Penn) is a student group aimed at providing support for Penn’s LGBTQ+ Muslim community and allies of all faiths, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds. In their eyes, the term “Muslim” may encompass anyone who identifies with any form of Islam in any capacity, whether religiously, culturally,  by familial association, or otherwise. All are welcome.  U, G


QPOC_1529439955_resize.jpg QPOC (Queer People of Color) serves students of color who identify as LGBTQ+ by providing them with safe spaces for discussion, socialization, and community building. U, G

@Queer People of Color – QPOC UPenn


QSP2 (Queer Social Policy and Practice) supports LGBTQ+ students and their allies. The group offers social activities, advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and services in the School of Social Policy & Practice, and serves as a group within the University-wide network of LGBTQ+ organizations at Penn. QSP2 aims to infuse LGBTQ+ content into SP2 curricula, build coalitions with other organizations, increase visibility of LGBTQ+ SP2 students, and provide emotional and social support for Penn’s LGBTQ+ community.  G


QSA (Queer Student Alliance) is a group of undergraduate students who identify as or are supportive of gender identity or sexual minorities. The Queer Student Alliance strives to support these communities through facilitating social and community-oriented activities.  U


sappho.png Sappho provides a space for LGBTQ+ women to come together as a community. We hope to provide a platform through which we can address issues specific to our community. U, G


Wavelength is an organization dedicated to creating a community for LGBTQ folks in the Penn Chemistry department. They host events, provide safe spaces, and resources for all who self-identify as LGBTQ. Community events are also open to all members of the department and focus on building knowledge and understanding of the LGBTQ community.  U, G;




Wharton Alliance is the first LGBTQ+ pre-professional undergraduate organization in the United States. They are dedicated to educating Penn undergraduates about the opportunities that exist in the business world for LGBTQ+ students. U


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