Frequently Used


LGBTQ+ Terminology Guide

The Human Rights Watch compiled a list of terms that help us understand the amazing diversity of intersecting identities in the LGBTQ+ community. Check it out here!

LGBTQ+ Flags Guide

Here is a complete guide to understanding the different Pride flags.

What Are Pronouns?

At Penn, sharing your pronouns/asking people’s pronouns is a valued practice showing respect for the people with whom you interact. Here is a guide to pronouns.

Campus All-Gender Bathrooms

Penn has over 80 all gender restroom options across campus and the LGBT Center is continenously working to increase that number.

 List of campus all gender restrooms

All Gender Restroom Map

Newsletter Sing-Up

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Kaplan-Perry Library

The Kaplan-Perry Library has a wide selection of LGBT focused books. Check out the Catalogue here.